Action Bronson - "Easy Rider" (Official Video)

Ride the Harley into the Sunset/ Ride the Harley into the Sunset

To be honest, and my brother agrees, Action Bronson is pretty hit and miss depending on what producer is behind him. Fortunately on the single Easy Rider he's got Party Supplies who produced Blue Chips 1 and 2 back in his corner.   Party Supplies seems to be his Caramilk secret.  Party Supplies is the Mickey to Bronson's Rocky and frankly he should never step in the ring without him- but if he does he should always recall (preferably in a tripped out montage sequence) the lessons he taught him: "Get up you son of a bitch!"  His productions behind other producers from 2013's meagre Saaab Stories (prod. Harry Fraud), to 2012's critically acclaimed and not-totally-shit Rare Chandeliers (prod. The Alchemist), back to 2011's Well Done (prod. Statik Selektah) tend not to deliver the best results.  And it's sort of surprising that Ghostboy Ghostface can't make a hit without Party Supplies but here's hoping against hope.

The album should kill based exclusively on this short film rendition directed by Tom Gould, you find Bronsolito admittedly at his best form narrating about 'taking acid for 10 days straight up in the Indies...wearing very loose pants, wearing very loose pants'.  This Albanian immigrant ex-chef born Arian Asslani is admittedly more than a Vitiligo ridden Ghostface.  His timbre and gruff tone constantly evoke Pretty Tony but his rhyming couplets are all his own.  "John Coltrane played with that Cocaine phase/ I know your grass from that opaque taste".

The video/short short fim, from Bronson's forthcoming Mr. Wonderful (after the one and only Paul Orndorff), really has to be seen to be believed.  The short version is that Bronsolito wakes up a Vietnam veteran in a VA hospital, fairly quickly has a hot Polynesian drop acid on him and then he straps a four square of blotter to his forehead under his American bandana (a la Jimi Hendrix mythos) and take off on his Harley into the sunset, while tripping balls and evading 'The Law'.  Along the way he meets his Spirit Guide, gets beaten down by Hell's Angel proxies al a Hunter S. Thompson, until reclaiming his mystic guitar.

The only thing missing is a member of Los Lobos.  Preferably David Hidalgo.